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Installing a Rain Sensor to your Sprinkler System, it’s a no-brainer

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With our upcoming season, you never know if the weather will be sunny one minute and rainy the next. In Houston you can expect a wild swing in rainy conditions, fast. We all agree our local Weather Man is always “accurate” forecasting our rainy days.
Our irrigation systems are not so lucky. It can’t count on a “dependable” weather man. We’ve all seen irrigation systems running full-force when it’s raining outside. One way to combat this, is to install a Rain Sensor. Rain Sensors act like a water Gate Keeper. If the Sensor gets wet during a rainy day. It will prevent your sprinkler system from coming on.
Other Benefits
  • Prevents Lawn Disease, remember too much of a good thing is not good
  • Saves you money on your Water Bill
  • Prevents excessive run-off
Rain sensors are a smart watering practice, and for a minimal investment you can rest assured that your irrigation system is operating in a sustainable, effective way.