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The Most Easiest and Cheapest DIY upgrade to your Sprinkler System


We had quite a few service calls this season for sprinkler systems not coming on at all this year. Upon Inspection we find the outside wiring coming from the controller damaged or completely cut. The culprit……? Your belove it lawn weed-eater. By no means am I trying to rat-out your lawn service or criticize your weedeating skills. It’s completely fair to say that even the most skilled person will eventually hit the pvc wiring enclosure.

One way to prevent this misfortune is by wrapping a small piece of pvc pipe around the damage area. To do this we carefully make a vertical cut on a 6-8 inch long pvc pipe. Next step is to “slide” it in on one end first till the whole pvc enclosure wraps around the damage area. That’s it….,, you are now worry free for years to come. By the way, we typically use Schedule 40 as this is much thicker and will last much longer. Always use one to two size bigger. Example; on a 3/4″ pipe we use 1″in. to wrap around the damage area.