About our company

About us


Family owned and operated under Ricky Aguilera, My Sprinkler Medic was founded as a small irrigation business focusing on irrigation repair and irrigation installation. As one of my mentors and colleagues said, “Do The Right Thing”. Those words  have resignated deep into our core values since day one. We believe doing it right the first time, everytime. And of course, actions are louder than words. We invite you, the customer to see for yourself that not all Sprinkler Repair companies are the same. On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to extend our gratitude visiting our site. Thank you and God Bless…..

Why choose us?

Reliable Technicians

We value your time. Either you took off from work or made prior arrangements to meet your local Sprinkler Medic. So Expect timely service and to be ON TIME…

Same Day Service

In case you need same day service, please feel free to Call us, we are here to help.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can be confident and trust that we will provide you with industry leading, fast, reliable services that are always 100% guaranteed.


My Sprinkler Medic service and repair team are trained to locate and repair any problems you may be having with your sprinkler irrigation system. We do this accurately and quickly. We can repair or replace defective heads, valves, wiring, leaks and everything in between. Put it this way, if It’s attached to your sprinklers we can troubleshoot and accurately diagnose.

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