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Preventable Sprinkler Repairs by your Driveway, its alot easier than you think….

If you currently or have ever own a Sprinkler System, you probably dealt with that pesky Sprinkler Head that seems to magically break along the driveway or street. And of course, it can’t be a vehicle driving over it. We all know that no reasonable person would dare drive on your manicure lawn, no way….it wont happen. Yeah right…lets not kid ourselves it happens either accidentally or intentionally. As frustating as it seems there is a solution, not 100% but defintiely an upgrade to what you probably have installed.

Quick way to avoid a future break is using swing joints or “flex” pipe along your driveway and street. Personally I prefer using “flex” pipe . It easily bends around corners. Eliminates the cutting and gluing of PVC fittings in traditional PVC. Most importantly to the frustated homeowner, it “gives way”. The chances of breaking diminish substantially. The end result will probably be a simple adjusting of the Sprinkler Head.